The Easter Bunny was here! (4/24/2011)

Proof the Bunny was here. Ok-- time to hide the baskets!! :)
The kids woke up very excited & very excited to find their Easter baskets to see what the Easter Bunny brought them.

Down the steps they came, picking up eggs and scanning & searching the rooms for their basket.

Every year, the last one to find his/her basket is always sad (until they find it, of course) and this year-- Anthony was the last to find his basket... hence the "sad face". :(

As you can see, the Bunny loved his carrot and even whipped up some "bisbuit bunny heads" like he (or she) did last year... wow-- you go Easter Bunny! :) The kids couldn't wait to have these with their Easter breakfast. I see a tradition starting...

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