Philly Auto Show (2/4/2011)

Free tickets lead us to the Philly Auto Show tonight... and we had a good time!

It was awesome checking out all of the cars & trucks!

The kids had a good time (and lots of laughs) as they tried out their "driving skills" on a mini track where they raced RC cars! They did pretty well. Aunt Sharon rode/stood "shot gun" as each of them "drove"... a preview into the future... ugh-- how many more years 'til they drive!?! yikes!

The kids were loving life... out for a "joy ride"-- Micaela at the wheel (of course!) ... yet ANOTHER look into the future! Yes-- in about 12 years, this will be my reality!! Oh-- I hope these upcoming years don't fly by! To be honest, their age now can be "trying" at times, but the thoughts of "teen years" scares me!! ugh...

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