Happy 5th Birthday, Triplets! (2/10/2011)

I am now the proud mother of "5 year old Triplets!" Yes-- they're 5 years old... ALREADY!! I can't believe they are 5! How QUICKLY time has flown by! 5 years old... full of life... full of personality... and ready to go off to Kindergarten in the Fall! WOW!! Ok-- enough dwelling on the fact they are 5...

The triplets had a fun-filled 5th birthday! They started off their special day with a "birthday breakfast" at the diner. With candles in their french toast, we (and the surrounding diner staff & patrons) sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to them.

After breakfast, we all went bowling. This was the kids' 1st time bowling. They did well & had a lot of fun!

"Big sister" Angelia even took th day off to be there to spend the day with her little brother & sisters on their birthday. What a great Big Sis she is! :)

For their birthday, I promised to make them each their "own" cake... that's the least I could do... considering they have to "share" most things. As you can see, Anthony requested a "race cars" cake, Micaela requested a "princess cake", and Juliana requested a "peace sign cake"... and their wishes were Mommy's Command. :)

Babies... wow-- Mommy cannot believe you are 5 years old already!?! Where did my tiny little babies go!? Just 5 years ago today, the 3 of you came into our lives and forever changed it... all for the better! I remember every minute of that day... from finding out "today was the day" you were arriving, to seeing you for the 1st time when you came into the World, to the 1st time I got to see you up close, hold your hands, and kiss you. Mommy is SO blessed to have the 3 of you... and your big sister. I am so lucky to be blessed with such happy, healthy, and wonderful children! Mommy loves you guys SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much and I hope you had a wonderful & memorable 5th birthday!

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