Last ice skating lesson (12/19/2010)

Over the last month, the kids have ben going to their ice skating lesson every Sunday morning and today was their last lesson. They have really learned a lot and have gotten so comfortable and good so quickly! Now, after 5 weeks, they all leave the wall and skate around on their own. Through this experience, Anthony has surprised me to the most-- he took off and that was it... I think I may have a hockey player on my hands! Angelia advanced the most... going from being SO afraid to getting the extra little bit of attention and doing wonderfully and being more comfortable. The girls, as expected, did great... did it with ease & determination.
As promised, at the end of their last lesson, Aunt Sharon surprised them with a trophy!!! They were SOOOOO anxious to get their trophy and after all of their hard work and determination, they got one! They were so proud of themselves and were loving their trophies.
*In the pics below, you will see them with their skating teachers, who they loved!

Aunt Sharon... thank you for the lessons, the trophies, everything! We are so happy we took them and we can ice skate now! Come on, Aunt Sharon-- let's go... NOW! lol... We love you!
Babies-- Mommy is SO very proud of you! You all did such a great job and have learned so much! Now you guys have to get me out there and teach me how to skate... and not be so afraid!! Mommy loves you!

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