The Spirit of Christmas (12/10/2010)

The Spirit of Christmas was in the air tonight for us... the gift of giving and the true meaning of Christmas.
We joined Angelia's Youth group and other members from the parish we attend and went caroling at a local Independent & Assisted Living Community Home. This was the 1st time the kids went caroling. They were very shy & nervous singing in front of the crowd and you could barely hear their voices, but-- they did it and the residents enjoyed it! After we were done caroling, we went around to say hello to the residents and share cookies with them. It was a great expereince for the kids and the residents really enjoyed the presentation & the company.

After we went caroling, we went a local parish that was hosting CHRISTMAS! Live and that was awesome to experience. It was a little "much" for the kids to understand at their young age, but they got the basics and I'm glad they got to experience it. The parish did a great job with this presentation!

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