"Our" 1st tree! (11/29/2010)

As many of you know, I love putting up our Christmas tree, decorating it, having it spin, watching it, hate when it's touched, etc. (I know... I need to "chill"!). Well, instead of having the kids constantly playing with the "big tree", Aunt Sharon had the idea of letting the kids have their own tree where they could decorate it, keep it in their playroom, enjoy it, etc. So-- they got one, picked out some decorations, and they decorated it!

They were SO proud of their tree and exciting to have it in their playroom. Anthony got to put the star on top of it fore he wouldn't "rest" until he did... he kept asking, "Can I put the star on top yet? Can I Mommy? Can I put the star on yet?" :) They all did a great job! Yet another good idea, Aunt Sharon!
Here's to the Holidays 2010... here we go! :)

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