Happy Halloween 2010!

We had a fun-filled Halloween! First of all, can you guys "who" we are this Halloween?? --> Angelia = a witch, Anthony - a Power Ranger, and Juliana & Micaela = bumble bees. They were all so excited about their costumes this year... they looked cute, too!
Anyway-- today, we got dressed up early, made our rounds -- stopping off to see Grammy & Aunt Doris and stopping off at my work -- then came home, got ready, and hit the pavement to trick-or-treat in our neighborhood! Aunt Kelly, Sam, Aunt Sharon, & Memom came with us this year. It was such a beuatiful night out... PERFECT Fall weather for trick-or-treating! The kids had an awesome night!

After about 2 hours of trick-or-treating, we came back to check out all of the gooidies. As you can see, we had a LOT of goodies... yum! :)

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