Disney World! (Fall 2010)

My mom, Sharon, the triplets, Angelia, my nieces (Savanna & Courtney), and I went to DISNEY WORLD and as expected, had an awesome time! :) This was the 1st time all 6 kids and my Mom were there and it was so neat to watch them marvel in all of the magic & wonder Disney has to offer. They were loving life and I loved being there to experience their 1st trip to Disney.
We did anything and everything-- Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Downtown Disney, & Disney Studios. We were on the go from morning 'til night. The kids were troopers with all of the walking, the heat, etc. I am SO proud of them and so happy we had the chance to go... thank you, Memom! We are forever greatful for this awesome trip & expereince... one we will never forget! Here are some pics from our trip... enjoy!
**For those that know me, you know I took a TON of pics, but for the sake of the blog, I only pasted "some" of my favorites from our time there.

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Annie said...

I LOVE the pics!!!!!!!!!!! So many great pics to frame and cherish! :-)