Summer playdates (7/2010)

My friends and I love getting together and love getting all of our children together for playdates, as well whenever we can. Recently we had a few...
We had a playdate with my friends from college & their kids... 6 moms and a total of 13 kids betwen the ages of 5 mos. - 7 yrs. old (and 1 on the way!) at Andrea's house.

We also had a playdate at Memom's pool with Ann & her kids... 2 moms and total of 9 kids! :)

It may sound like a lot of kids -- and yes, it is -- but we always all have a great time! The kids all have such a great time together, they all get along so well, and the Moms get some time to spend together & catch up.
Thank goodness for these times... they are great for everyone! I am so lucky to be blessed with so many great friends... and their little ones! :)

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