Bouncin' all over the town! (8/7/2010)

WOW! What a non-stop, fun-filled day we had today!
We started off at Nicholas Wilke's 8th Birthday party at Bounce U. The kids had a ball at the Cosmic Bounce & loved hanging out with their friends... the Wilke quads! :)

Later that night, we went over to the park for a concert ... a U2 coverband... love them! Mommy & Aunt Sharon hung out & enjoyed the music, while the kids danced, played, & had a good time!

Anthony had a fleeting thought while at the concert... he wanted drum sticks! So after some encouragement from Aunt Sharon and Angelia walking beside him to the stage, he asked a band member for drum sticks and he got a pair! Ask & you shall receive, I guess!? He was SOOOO happy! He now tells me he wants to play the drums... will my house ever be quiet again??? lol...

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