Angelia's last day of Kindergarten (6/18/2010)

Wow... I can't believe I'm saying this ALREADY... today was Angelia's last day of Kindergarten. Wow... it seems like she just started!

Angelia & her classmates had a great last day of Kindergarten. They played, had fun, had goodies, and said their good-byes. The class Room-moms (Jen & I) made a scrapbook filled out memories from throughout the year as a year-end gift for the teacher, Miss Walsh. It was full of pictures, drawings, and hand-written memories from the students. Jen & I had a great time putting it together and emotional as we looked at the completed book, but when Miss Walsh saw it, she cried, we cried (again)... OMG! Miss Walsh loved her scrapbook and the kids were so excited to look over her shoulder to see themselves and their work in there.

The hardest part of the day was saying good-bye... watching/listening to Miss Walsh thank her class and then the good-byes. Jen & I looked on crying... wow! The kids in this class were SO lucky to be blessed with such an awesome Kindergarten teacher! Miss Walsh was excellent in every aspect... the kids loved her, she made it fun, she pushed them to achieve & learn, she cared, she shared, she had a great relationship with the students & the parents ... I can't say enough! I am hoping ALL of my children are lucky enough to have such a great teacher through their school years ahead.

After school, Angelia & I went on a "date" to celebrate her last day. We went to DQ for an ice cream sundae! :)

Angelia... wow-- graduating from Kindergarten already!? Congratulations! It seems like just yesterday we were walking you to school for your 1st day of Kindergarten and here we are saying good-bye to Kindergarten. We are all so very proud of you and the awesome job you did this school year! You have grown and learned so much this year and we couldn't be more proud. Keep up the good work! Love you always & forever, Big Girl! :)

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