Angelia lost her 1st tooth! (6/4/2010)

Finally... that "wiggly" little tooth came out! :) For days now, Angelia's tooth has been getting more & more loose and today when she came home from school, it was hanging by a thread. So, with a little coaxing and a "1, 2, 3!", Mommy got it out for her! :)

After it came out and the initial shock & excitement cleared, Angelia informed me that she wouldn't be putting her tooth under her pillow tonight because she needs to take it to the school nurse on Monday to get a treasure chest for her tooth and then she'll put it under her pillow on Monday night... and that she did! :)
**Congrats on losing her 1st tooth, Baby Girl!**

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Annie said...

Congrats, Angelia! Lookin' so grown up!!!