Our newest addition! (4/30/2010)

The Zerilli welcomes our newest addition... Miley!
Miley is an 8.5 week old West Highland Terrier (a.k.a. a "Westie"). She is adorable (as you can see) and it was love at 1st sight for all of us.

Here she is on her way home for the 1st time. Miley has no idea what's she's in for (headed to our house with 4 little ones) and the kids have no idea she was arriving... this was a complete surprise!

When we arrived home and out of the car she came, they all had a happy, but surprised look on their face... and rushed over to see her (of course!). From there, the excitement and love for her grew!

Here's Miley's "baby". Another "love at 1st sight"! :)

My Juliana is the animal lover! Jules made an immediate "connection" with Miley... I can see it now-- these 2 are gonna be pals! :)

The princess... sleeps! :) All comfy & cozy in her new bed (thank you Aunt Sharon) with her new "baby" and toys. It's been an EXCITING day for everyone. :)

**Welcome to our family, Miley! We are so happy to have you and love you so much already!**

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