Fun 4-wheelin'! (April 2010)

The new highlight of the kids' outdoor play this year is: motorized vehicles! Right now, we have a (Power Wheels) fire rescue Jeep & a quad! The kids have an absolute BALL when they are riding around on them and are doing an awesome job when driving them... they are surprising me how great they get around on them... on the road, off road, up/down the curbs... you name it!
Here's some pics of the "excitement" in motion! :) Some pics are from a recent playdate at the Myers' house (thank you Jess & Gavin-- we had a lot of fun!) and some from home.

While at the park, Anthony even picked up a little lady! :) woo-woo! It was cute. She started off by watching him ride around... then moved in closer & closer... then started running after him, and then finally-- hopped on & went for a ride! It was so cute! :)

p.s. Aunt Sharon... Thank you for the Quad & getting the Jeep up & running! They are awesome & so much fun... just like you! :) We love you!

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