2010 NICU Reunion (3/21/2010)

Today, went to the annual Capital Health System @ Mercer NICU reunion at Sesame Place, as we have done the last few years now, and had yet-- another great time! All of the kids, except Micaela, enjoyed meeting each of the characters. With no surprise, Juliana LOVED meeting the characters... shaking their hands, calling their names, hugging them... it was cute to see her SO excited! We also went for a ride on the carousel, enjoyed an ELMO show, and the kids put their handprints on the annual NICU reunion quilt... a collection of handprints of the children that have all passed through the NICU at some point! It's awesome to see all of the hands!

Thank you CHS @ Mercer and the March of Dimes for sponsoring such a wonderful event! It's great to see so many growing, healthy children enjoying a great day! You have hoped SO many babies & families have a great start and for that, so many are so grateful! Thank you for everything! :)

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