Kids in the Kitchen (12/2009)

"Mommy! I want to help!" ... "Mommy! I want to help!" ... yes-- they ALL want to help at some point in time in the kitchen or even, all at once! So- I let them help from time to time. Whether it's adding ingredients, cleaning up, opening the oven, or giving the mix a stir-- they are assisting in some way and so proud od themselves for doing so! :) This time of year, the house is filled with the smells of cookies baking and the kids are right by my side wanting to help make them. Just a batch or two held their attenton and then they were off running to go play, but they got their fix for the moment... and that short time period was enough for me! :) They all did well, though, I must say. Micaela and Juliana, especially, have even been attempting to wash dishes. Hopefully they are this eager when they get older and they HAVE TO help with the dishes! :)

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