Christmas morning 2009

Santa was here! :)
Lots of smiles, lots of presents, lots of excitement, lots of mess in our house on Christmas morning! :) Imagine all of that with 4 little ones on xmas morning!?! In less than 15 minutes, the kids had everything but their stocking stuffers opened. :) They were all excited and overwhelmed by their toys & goodies. **They must have been VERY good this year! :) Favorites: Angelia = Barbie & a laptop ... Anthony = lots of cars ... Juliana = a new dog (name = Holly) ... Micaela = dolls & Tinkerbell DVD.

With all of the excitement, we even had some tears Christmas morning. On Christmas Eve, Juliana had given me a Pointsetta plant (as a gift) and she was so excited to give it to me. On Christmas morning, she was sure to bring the plant by me. While it was sitting on the floor, Micaela accidently tripped over it and it fell over and some of the leaves came off. UGH-- the look on Jules face broke our hearts instantly... first came the sad face-- the pucked lip & sad eyes, and then the tears! She sat there with tears running down her face putting the leaves back on to the flower... oh, bestill my heart! She was so uoset, but I consoled her telling her it was okay, etc. I guess I will be getting a pointsetta from Jules every Christmas now! :) She did come around and perk up when it was time for breakfast, though, when I asked her to help me make breakfast for the family... she was all smiles then! :)

Thank you, Santa!
Love always ... the Zerilli kids :)

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