NY makes Christmas Spectacular! (11/22/09)

As a belated birthday gift for me and a "first" for my daughter (and my niece), Angelia, Savanna, my Mom, Sharon, her mom, and I took to trip to New York and saw the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall! :) We had a great day... from the weather to the experience itself, it was great! Angelia was SO excited to set off on our journey that morning. We took the train into NY and upon arriving & leaving Penn Station, it was cute to see the girls look up at the TALL buildings and take in all of the sights & sounds of the BIG city.. this was definitely a new experience! Before the show, we visited Rockefellar Center where we showed the girls the big tree & the ice skating rink; then we headed across the street and visited St. Patrick's Cathedral where the girls each lit a candle in memory of PopPop.
Once at the show, the girls were on the edge of their seats, loved the show, and thought the 3D part of the show was awesome! As a result of the show, Angelia thinks the "real Santa" was there at the show and Savanna wants to be a Rockette! :)
Again-- it was a great day and we all had a lot of fun. I spending a great day with family & friends, but most of all, I loved being there to share this "first" with my daughter and niece. I remember going there as a child and now I share the same experience with her. :) Thank you for the show tickets, Sharon!

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Annie said...

Awww, what great memories for Angelia!!! Wish I could have come!