Happy Halloween 2009!

*Trick-or-Treat!* :) It's that time of year again and the kids were VERY excited about Halloween this year! As you can see, my wish to "match / theme them" as I have in the past years didn't happen this year (I tried to get ANthony to be a "spider" to go along with the "witches", but we wanted to be SpiderMAN -- close enough! lol...), but they looked cute and were very happy with their costumes. It started off a rainy day, but as soon as the rain stopped that night, we set out on our Trick-or-Treat journey... and made it back just in time for the rain to start again! As in past years, we travelled with an entourage... we even had "Sammy" (the dog) dressed up and in tow with us. **Funny highlite of the night-- While trick-or-treating, after Micaela was given candy, she'd yell to me (on the sidewalk) from the porch where she was and would announce what she got... lol... "Mom! I got a BIG choc-wit bar!" :)
It was a great night and Halloween! Micaela is already planning what she wants to be next year already! lol...

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