Happy Birthday, Mommy! (9/18/09)

31 and havin' fun... Happy Birthday to me! :)
The kids were too cute on my birthday ... they made me feel so special! :) They were SO excited that it was my birthday. Angelia woke me up with a big smiley Happy Birthday Momma ... as soon as I opened Anthony's bedroom door, he asked "Mommy, is it your bir-day today?", and then upon opening the girls' room door, I heard one of the girls ask Angelia, "Is it Mommy's bir-day today?" and when she said yes, they roared with excitement -- <em>"It's Mommy's birday today!!!" All followed by lots of hugs & kisses... the best gifts anytime! :)
With all of this talk about my birthday, one of the kids asked, "Mommy-- are we going to bwo up the bouncy and get bawoons for your birday?" lol... I guess they think everyone's birthday should be as fun & festive as theirs usually is! lol... I told them no, but we could have a pizza party & cake later -- they were instantly psyched! I spent the day out & about with my mom, which was great, and then came home to have my pizza party with the kids & family. :) Angelia & the triplets sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me by themselves... it was too cute... it melted my heart & brought a tear to my eye. I didn't get it on video the 1st time around unfortunately, but at my birthday dinner at my mom's that weekend, we got it! Check it out below...

Every day, every year, my kids make me realize... it's definitely the little things in life that mean & matter the most and can definitely make you the happiest! Thank you babies for making my birthday so special! Momma loves all of you so very much! xo xo xo xo

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G&S said...

Happy belated Birthday Brandi!!! Glad to see how much you enjoyed it with all your family. Loved catching up on the latest and greatest happenings going on too. Miss you all~