Angelia goes to KINDERGARTEN! (9/8/09)

Wow... how time flies-- it's my "baby girl's" 1st day of Kindergarten! I still can't believe she's 5 and going off to "school" already!
Angelia's 1st day went well! :) EVERYONE was up EARLY ... everyone up by 7:45 a.m. is a rarity in our house. But everyone cooperated and were up & out on time to see Angelia off on her 1st day of Kindergarten! :) We all walked Angelia to school and even Doris (our next door neighbor) came along for the short trip... she was as excited as we were and reminsced about the days she took the same route to take her sons to school when they were little.
When we arrived at her school, everything seemed to happen SO quickly. We all gave her kisses, said good-bye, she met her teacher, lined up with her new classmates, and then off into the building they went ... within minutes she was gone! Thinking back on that moment, I can't help to remember my baby girl's face as she embarked on this new experience... her face showing happiness, anxiousness, excitement. How I so wish I could have held her hand to walk with her on this journey for the 1st time, but I had to let go a bit and let her experience this on her own. :( On that note, yes-- I cried on her 1st day. Even when I got home, I felt kind of lost... I found myself sitting with a blank stare, wondering how she was doing, was she okay, looking at the clock to see when it was time to pick her up, ugh! :)

After school update:
At the end of the day, we all returned to pick Angelia up. When she came out of school, she was all smiles and Micaela & Juliana ran to her to give her hugs... they missed their big sister... it was cute. :) When we asked her about her 1st day, she gave us limited information, but by the end of the night, we heard all about it. She had a good 1st day of Kindergarten! :)

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