SomeBUNNY came to visit! (4/11/09)

And... they're OFF! Out to the front lawn they go... all running in their own direction to grab as many candy-filled eggs they can! It's Easter egg time and...

... time for the Easter Bunny to make "her" Annual Visit!

**We love you Easter Bunny!**

As you can see, Micaela was a little scared of the Easter Bunny! yikes!

We even had a few "baby bunnies" (the Muni twins) stop by for a visit! Too cute! This pic reminds me of my little "bunnies" just a few years ago.

Me and my little bunny...

Thank you, Easter Bunny! We love you...

Somehow, EVERY year, Aunt Sharon ALWAYS seems to miss the Bunny's visit! I wonder why?? lol... The kids were sure, though, to tell her all about it. The "debrief" of the day is always very interesting... lol :)

Happy Easter from our family... to yours!

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