One last snow day ... I hope! (3/3/09)

Mother Nature decided to drop a little more snow on us ... I guess March is coming IN like a lion and hopefully goes OUT like a lamb (yay-- think Spring!). I can't complain too much... we have been lucky once again this Winter-- very little snow. Anyway-- the kids couldn't wait to get out and play, so today -- the day after all of the snow fell, we were in it! :) I bundled all 6 of them up and out we went to the backyard where they played for awhile & had a great time!

My attempt at a group picture...

Angelia's snow angel

Micaela enjoying a little "icy-goodness"... YUM-- snow!

Good-bye snow... we'll see you again NEXT YEAR (I hope)!

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Annie said...

Great pics! Love the "icy-goodness"!