All together now! (1/11/09)

It's been MANY years (too many, really!) since all of the cousins were together and today-- we got it together -- and had a great time! My grandmother was with her 6 grand-daughters (Brione, Kirielle, Kelly, Dana, & Brandi) and 6 great-grandchildren (Savanna, Angelia, Courtney, Anthony, Juliana, & Micaela) all under 1 roof and she was SO happy... we were all so happy to be together-- finally! We tried to get a pic of all of us together with Grammy, but Courtney fell asleep and Micaela didn't want to cooperate, so maybe next time.
It was great to see how everyone has grown up & changed and for the little cousins to meet their older cousins. Hopefully this is a start of a good thing... looking forward to all of getting together more often! :)

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Annie said...

What a nice picture! I'm sure Grammy was loving every minute of it!