'Twas the night before Christmas 2008

As Christmas Eve fell upon us, our house and everyone in it was ready for Santa! Before dinner, we heard the sirens of the local fire company, which meant Santa was making his way around the neighborhood with the local fire dept. Angelia & Daddy kept a watchful eye on our block and after dinner, Santa and his crew finally arrived! :) We all rushed out front to see Santa and the firetruck. They kids were excited and even got to hop up in Santa's sleigh to get a quick pic.

Later that night, the kids got to open their box of Christmas gifts that arrived a few days earlier from Aunt Toni. They were so excited to open the box and even more excited once they saw what was inside... a chest of dress up clothes and-- bubble wrap!! The bubble wrap came out 1st and all I had to do was show them how to pop it and they were all trying to pop the bubbles and had a ball stepping on it and making all of the popping noises! Why waste all of the money on toys, etc. -- just give the kids some bubble wrap! lol... Anyway-- once they opened the chest and saw all of the dress-up stuff, they were even more thrilled -- especially Micaela & Anthony! Micaela got into a dress, tiara, etc. right away and Anthony got all geared-up in his fireman attire. :) It was cute! Thank you Aunt Toni, Uncle Tom, & kids! We love you!

Finally, before bed-- the kids gathered around the table to choose 1 cookie each for Santa and one for themselves for their bedtime snack. So-- we left Santa with 4 cookies, 1 carrot for the reindeer, some lemonade, and a bottled water for the road. :) Wow-- Santa gets hooked up, doesn't he?!?

Now... off to bed we go in hopes that Santa comes! With my kids & their antics at this age, we leave the Big Guy with this question... "Santa, define GOOD!?" Such is life in a household with 2.5 yr. old triplets and a 4 yr. old. :) Gotta love it!

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Annie said...

Wow, I LOVE how Santa comes around the neighborhood! Very cool idea. Around our neighborhood, the local fire co. comes around with Santa on top...........but the sirens scare the kids away!