Happy Thanksgiving 2008! (11/27/08)

Here they are... my 4 little happy "turkies" on Thanksgiving Day! :)
We had a good Thanksgiving! The kids started off the day by watching the MACYS Day parade (on TV) with Daddy (they were thrilled to see Santa in the parade!), then we made a Turkey project together, and then we went to Memom's house for a yummy Thanksgiving dinner. The kids really chowed down on dinner... until they get distracted by the toys nearby and ran off to play with them, of course. It was a good day!
I have a lot to be thankful for... especially & most of all for my 4 little angels-- I am a VERY lucky Mommy! :) I love you Angelia, Anthony, Juliana, & Micaela... with all my heart-- always & forever! xo xo xo xo
From our family to yours... we hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! :)

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Annie said...

Oh, Brandi, you should frame this pic! They look like the best of friends!!!! What a sweet picture! :)