Holiday fun at Memom's work (12/24/08)

Today, we went to Memom's job who was hosting a holiday celebration for the employees and their families. It was really nice! We 1st dropped in to see Santa, then we went to see all of Memom's co-workers, then we went to the Cafeteria for a holiday show & treats. In Memom's department, Santa happened to leave a little something under the tree for the kids... reindeer and snowman poop! lol... As she was telling the kids it was reindeer & snowman poop, the kids replied, "Nuh-uh Memom... it's marsh-mel-wows and waisins"! It was cute!
Later in the afternoon, as we were enjoying the holiday performance, the choir welcomed the kids in the audience up onto the stage to sing along with them and Angelia wanted to go, but not alone, though, so she drug Anthony up on stage with her. Once up there, she was happy and sang along... it was cute!

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Annie said...

I love Anthony's sheer amazement of sitting on Santa's lap.......he looks mesmerized!