Off we go to Adventure Aquarium! (11/9/08)

Today, the WHOLE FAMILY (Memom, Brandi, Michael, Angelia, the triplets, Dana, Rob. Savanna, Courtney, Kelly, & Moose) took the River Line down to Adventure Aquarium and had a great time! The kids have been anxiously awaiting this trip for some time now... their 1st time on a train and to see the fishies was a huge deal! They all enjoyed the train (and behaved!) and once at the aquarium, they loved it! They were all so into checking everything out... from sharks, to schools of fish, to penguins, to seals, to frogs... we saw it all! They even got the chance to touch starfish, sharks, jellyfish, etc. -- only a few of us did that, though! **Thank you for taking us, Mom/Memom! We all had a great time!

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Annie said...

Oh, wow, great pics!!!!!! Looks like everyone had a GREAT time!