Nice Catch! (Halloween 2008)

We had a great Halloween! This year, our Halloween theme was "Nice Catch" ... 3 beautiful mermaids and 1 very handome fisherman! The girls were very excited about looking so pretty in their sparkly costumes and Anthony LOVED his costume, especially his fishing pole. They wouldn't cooperate to get a picture together (it's the age!), but I did manage to get a few good shots of each of them. :)
The kids did great trick-or-treating... they were so excited! Our huge crew (of 16) set out as it got dark and made our way around the block. I was very happy (this year) that they didn't want to eat every piece of candy that the people gave them as they went along like last year. We had to keep an eye on Juliana, though... we caught her "double-dipping" in the candy bowls as we made our stops... I guess she won't be a kid that you leave the Trick-or-treating "honesty bowl" out for! :)
We were very happy that Memom, Aunt Sharon, Aunt Dana, Uncle Rob, Savanna & Courtney (dressed as 2 little monkeys!), Aunt Kelly, Moose, and Grammy got to all share in the Halloween festivities and trick-or-treating this year! It was a lot of fun! Thank you all for your help with the kids!

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Annie said...

How cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! They look GREAT-very beautiful mermaids and a super handsome fisherman, for sure!!!

Happy Halloween!!!!