Our 1st trip to Great Adventure! (10/24/08)

Thanks to our job, Sharon and I had a few FREE tickets to Great Adventure, so we decided to go and took the kiddies for their 1st time... and has a GREAT time! The 1st ride we went on was the Carousel... it brought back a lot of memories of when I was a child and my sisters, mom, & dad would to go there all of the time and rode that same carousel, etc. ... and now my babies are doing the same-- wow! Anyway-- we also went on the (big) Teacups which the kids loved-- non-stop giggles and then we ventured off to the random kiddie rides they had. With no lines, the kids got to ride many of the rides over and over again! They especially had a blast on the swings.... they rode that 3 times straight! By the time they got off, Juliana was DIZZY... she was side-stepping and all! lol... :)
Before we left, as things should have been winding DOWN... things were going UP! My girls were going UP... UP 25 stories in the air with Aunt Sharon on the Parachute ride... I'm not kidding! When asked, Micaela (suprisingly) was the 1st to volunteer to go on with Aunt Sharon and then Angelia volunteered next. Anthony wanted no part of it and Juliana simply replied "Too scary". Well, once she saw the other 2 go on, she wanted to, so Aunt Sharon and Angelia went back on with Juliana. Everyone loved it! This was a HUGE surprise for me... I never imagined my little girls braving something like that. Even I never braved that ride... as a child or adult! :)


Glen & Shilo said...

How fun and nice that is was FREE Brandi! It was good to catch up on all the pictures, love seeing all the kiddos grow up :). Hope you all are doing well, is it getting cold over there?


Annie said...

Oh my, looks like you guys had so much fun!!! I would be soooo afraid to go up in that parachute thing!!!!