Happy 30th Birthday, Mommy! (9/18/08)

Yes-- Mommy turned the BIG 3-0! Wow... where have the years gone??? Seems like I just celebrated my 21st! Although the years seem to have flown by, I am very lucky to be this young and have all I have... especially my 4 little angels! :)
I had a very nice 30th birthday! My kiddies even sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me this year, which was sweet! :) **Happy Birthday to me!**


Annie said...

Awww, Happy Birthday, Brandi!!!What an amazing gift to have your four little ones sing to you! :)

The cutest twins said...

Happy birthday! nice blog and cute kiddos!

Glen & Shilo said...

Happy Birthday to you Brandi!!! The pictures are so adorable. Sending you a birthday hug from WA! :)

Glen, Shilo & Micah