Mommy-- out & about! :) (8/08)

Yes-- believe it or not, I am a Mommy of 4 toddlers and I get to "get out & get away" sometimes! :) Yay for Mommy! :)
Over the last few weeks, "Mommy" had a few fun adventures with friends that I thought I'd share. :)
- I went tubing in the Delaware River for the 1st time -- at Bucks County River Country... it was awesome! So much fun & so relaxing... having the chance to kick back, relax, and simply float with such beauitful scenes all around you and little noise for almost 4 hrs., was WONDERFUL! The only thing that would have made the experience better would have been a little music and a nice drink! :) AAHH! :) **If you've never done it, try it! No pics of this outting (I know-- imagine that!?!), but check out their website for visuals-->
- I went to see THE COUNTING CROWS, MAROON 5, & SARA BAREILLES in concert and had a good time! We had lawn seats, but a few of us got the chance to go to the front row to watch Maroon 5 play-- it was cool... I had never been in the front row for a concert before! :)
p.s. The "blurry" pic you see is one of my "faves" from the concert. At the concert, everyone held up their cell phones (instead of lighters) at 1 pt. during the concert & let their cell lights shine... it was cool to see... gotta love modern technology!
Well, that's about it for my "escapades"! :) Thanks for sharing in my fun!

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Annie said...

You are one cool Mama!!!!! Lookin' good, Brandi!!! :)