Up, up, and away at the NJ Balloon Festival! (7/25/08)

The balloon festival came to town at the Solberg Airport in Readington, NJ and what awesome & beautiful sight to see! :) As an adult, it was awesome for me to see, but the kids were so amazed & overwhelmed by the sight of the huge & beautiful balloons all around them... on the ground, in the air, everywhere! I still remember going to the Balloon Festival as a child with my Grandparents. The balloons were so beautiful... they had so many pretty colors, different characters (bumble bees, Darth Vadar, Energizer Bunny, Happy Face), and shapes (barn, Noah's Ark). There must have been over 75 balloons on display and in flight!
While there, the kids got to see their 1st "concert", as well... the Gin Blossoms were there performing! We got to listen to the music as we strolled around the festival and finally sat for the last bit of the concert... as we sat watching the concert, the kids bopped along in their stroller to "Follow you down...", etc. It was cute! Following the concert, the sky lit up with fireworks, so Aunt Sharon and I high-tailed the strollers out of their because Micaela gets scared by the loud noise of the fireworks.
I am SO glad we got to go to the festival... it was so awesome to see! If you have never gone, be sure to go next year when it comes to town... it's definitely worth it!

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Annie said...

Beautiful pic of you and the kiddos!!!!! :)

I sure missed a fun time! :)