Horsey ride! (7/5/08)

This weekend, Aunt Shaorn & I went over to the Freedom Fest at Mercer Co. Park. There, Angelia spotted the ponies and wanted to ride and Juliana wanted to, as well, So-- she got her 1st ride on a horse and loved it! She got to ride "Jenny the horse". She seemed like a natural... she held on to the saddle, sat up nice & straight, and even held on with 1 hand to wave to Aunt Sharon & the other kids.
When she got off, she delighted in getting to pet Jenny. As she pet Jenny, she made her little excited laugh noise... she was loving life!
Juliana is by far the "animal lover" of the group... in fact, she loves animals and babies. She is always the first to get excited, go near, and touch animals. I love watching her interact with them! :) Maybe a possible veternarian in the future???

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