Sprinklin' and tinklin'! (6/16/08)

More backyard fun... this time we gave the sprinkler a try! Angelia loved it and Juliana joined in the fun shortly thereafter (she even tried to catch the water with her "bug net"), but Anthony & Micaela pretty much kept their distance. Everyone came together for a ride on the see-saw, though (clothing optional-- as always, esp. with Juliana in the mix!).
Speaking of Juliana, there she is sitting on the potty. Thought I'd continue to encourage using the potty, so... instead of putting them in a swim diaper, I thought I'd simply take a potty outside & let them use that if they had to go. In the end, we had 3 "attempts" and no "successes", but-- we TRIED! A step in the right direction, I hope. We'll keep trying.
More summer fun to come! stay tuned...

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Annie said...

LOVE the title on this one!!!

Nothing like ONE naked girl on the teeter totter! :)