The gang's all here... (6/25/08)

... at Nanny & Pop's house! With Mike's sister ("Aunt Toni") and kids (Stephanie, CJ, Thomas, & Matthew) in from AZ, we tried to spend as much time together as possible. We hung out a lot together while they were all here for just short of 2 weeks, so before they headed back to AZ, we had 1 last "hoorah" together at Nanny & Pop's! It was nice to spend the day together and we got to celebrate Matthew's 6th Birthday and Michael's 39th birthday. While the older kids cooled off in the pool, the little ones stayed on the deck in the boat... small space, but they didn't mind & had a blast! As it got dark out, the older kids were excited to catch fire-flys and the little ones followed in their footsteps. After they caught a few, they were checking them out, feeding them grass, etc. -- it was cute! All of the kids play & interact so well together. The bigger ones look after the little ones, Angelia & Matty pal around & play nice together, etc. -- it's nice.
While they were visiting this time, we didn't get a chance to go and get a professional group shot, so we tried to capture one ourselves. As you can see, everyone didn't want to cooperate, but-- we tried... another "memory" for the books!


Annie said...

Wow-great pics!!

Annie said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Michael!