Can you tell me how to get... (6/22/08)

... how to get to SESAME PLACE?? :)
We had our 1st "excursion" to SESAME PLACE this past weekend and we all had a great time! All 11 of us (me, Michael, triplets, Angelia, ToniAnn, Stephanie, CJ, Thomas, & Matthew) headed out later in the afternoon on Sunday, which ended up being a great choice! The a.m. rain must have scared the usual weekend visitors to the park away, so by the time we got there, there were not too many people there... little to no lines, no crowds, it was nice! The little ones loved splashing around in the pools and the big kids had fun on the tube rides. I even took a few rides with the kids on the tube rides... it was fun-- it's been years! :)
We caught the parade down Sesame Street before we left the park and the kids were so excited to see the characters! They would randomly yell out the names of the characters with huge smiles on their faces-- too cute! As you can see, even the "big kids" were excited over seeing the characters!
We'll have to go back again... that's when we can get a deal like we got this weekend-- thanks AAA for the free/discount tickets! :)

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Annie said...

OH, you got me so excited for our trip there next week! :)