Hats off! (5/9/08)

My children, especially Anthony, have an obsession with hats. Anthony wears many hats, but lately, Anthony has found a love for a pink (yes-- PINK!) baseball hat and Micaela loves wearing her winter hat (even though it's Spring). I know, I know... I have to buy my son a more appropriate BOYS hat! Usually the kids only wear these in the house, but Aunt Sharon did let me in on a little secret-- she took them out on a walk the other day when I was at work and Anthony did have the pink hat on for the walk-- OMG-- yes Aunt Sharon, thank goodness Mommy didn't see that! lol... :)

1 comment:

Annie said...

Awwww, nothing wrong with a pink hat, mom! :) Gotta love him!

(Just don't tell Tom I said that! )