This little light of mine... (4/13/08)

Here she is... our litle angel in church singing! As part of Lutheran Schools Week, students from the 3 & 4 yr. old preschool classes at her preschool had the opportunity to sing in church for Sunday mass. Angelia has been practicing the songs at home and in school. We were hoping all of this practicing would pay off and we'd hear/see her sing along with her classmates and she did-- this time around! :) The kids sang "This Little Light of Mine", "The Butterfly Sing", and "Jesus Loves Me"... she especially loved "This Little Light of Mine" (or Angelia would say it... "Dis Wittle Wight of Mine"). :)
She had quite an audience for this performance! Besides the ton of parents and parish members who were in attendance, Memom, Savanna, Grammy, & Aunt Doris came out to see Angelia sing, as well, along with Michael, the triplets, and I.
On a side note, this was the 1st time we were attending mass at this parish and it was great! Mike & I really enjoyed it! The pastor is awesome... so welcoming, motivational, real... and everyone was so nice. Their parish has a Christian band that played a lot during the service, who were great! It was nice to see how their prayers and words are carried out through music-- a very modern edge to religion, I thought! :)

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Annie said...

Awwww. how cute! Good job, Angelia!