"Bike! Bike!" (4/12-4/13/08)

Bike riding was the highlight and major focus for the weekend! With Angelia's St. Jude Trike-A-Thon coming up, it was time for Angelia to hop on her bike and start practicing... Aunt Sharon to the rescue! Sharon & Angelia went out front on Saturday afternoon and shortly after, Angelia was off and riding like a "big girl" (as she would say!). She was so excited and proud of herself! The triplets watched from the window and were carrying on... yelling "Bike!, Bike!". When I took Anthony out, he got down, ran over to the bike and hopped on... yes-- my son is getting very daring! As you can see, he wasn't about to let his cookie go either! :)
On Sunday, with the "big girls" (Angelia & Savanna) on their bikes, we decided to take a ride/walk around the block at Memom's. As you can see, Courtney and Anthony were working together to help each other around the block. They are too cute together!

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Annie said...

LOVE the pic of Anthony pushing Courtney! Too cute!

And, oh my, Angelia's smile is contagious!