Hollywood... baby! (2/29/08)

Scenes from our breakfast table that I thought I'd share because they were too cute not to!
Picture 1: Juliana with the "Hollywood" look ... that's what we call the kids when they have their sunglasses on-- "Hollywood" (woo-hoo!). :)
Picture 2: Micaela feeding her "baby". She LOVES this doll! She carries "baby" (as she calls her) around with her all of the time... she takes her in the car, to bed, etc. Especially wehn she's upset, she cries for "Baby" is she doesn't have her. She usually holds "baby" under 1 arm, rubs the satin tag with her one hand, and sucks her thumb with the other. It truly is too cute! We actually have 2 of the same doll and believe it or not-- she knows the difference! She wants HER baby and that's it! :)

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Annie said...

These girls have such personality!!!! They surely are growing up.