Santa was here!! (Christmas Day '07)

Santa was sure to stop by our house on Christmas Eve to bring presents to ALL 8 of the children who were here for Christmas morning... our 4 AND Mike's sister's 4 kids ... 8 kids ranging in age from 22 mos. - 15 yrs. old. They ALL must have been very good this year because the tree area was loaded with gifts! :)
Luckily, all of the kids slept in on Christmas morning. :) A few of the older ones did get up a little earlier & took a peek, but waited for the little ones to wake up before opening gifts and once we came down, the older ones were a huge help with the little ones... thank you for that! My 3 girls were LOVING their new doll babies and Anthony was LOVING his new trucks, cars, and airplanes. I love it... it's the little things in life that bring the MOST joy! :)
This house was definitely FULL of a lot of children, wrapping paper, and pure holiday joy this Christmas Day morning! I was so happy to see how smoothly everthing went... it was a great time for all. :) I love Christmas! **Merry Christmas from our family to yours.**
p.s. Since I'm sure some of you are curious: The pic of all 8 shows the following-- Angelia, Matthew (nephew), Stephanie (niece), Anthony, CJ (newphew), Micaela, Juliana, & Thomas (newphew).

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Anonymous said...

You have the most blessed event in having your children. The love that they know and are shown should inspire all people touched by your family. God Bless you all... The Lord knew what he was doing when he gave you the most precious gifts of all ... .CHILREN...