Girls getting "cwafty"! (12/9/07)

As always, Angelia was very busy. This weekend, Angelia spent a lot of time with "Aunt Shash" and "Weeza" (Aunt Sharon & Leeza). Saturday night's "activity" was decorating their Christmas tree. Angelia was "very in charge" of decorating the tree; telling the girls (and I quote)... "I can do it... don't put the baws to cwose togethur because they'll cwack, ok?" The finished product was quite a sight... most of the balls were concentrated at the bottom of the tree (where she could reach). She was very excited and proud of her "creation". As always, Aunt Sharon and Leeza played along, let Angelia "do her thing", and were loving the finished product (although a little "touch up" is in order... lol). :)

Sunday night was "kwaft night" at Aunt Sharon's house. Hot glue, crayons, etc. were all in the mix! She brought her finished products home to show "Mommy" (proud as can be)... too cute! :)

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Annie said...

AWWWWWW, how cute! Angelia is such a big girl!