Hayrides and pumpkins and sheep-- oh my! (10/21/2007)

"Memom" and I took the kids over to Dragonfly Farms this weekend. There, the triplets got to do some things they have never done before. Memom took Angelia & Juliana through the maze of pumpkins & hay, then we all went on a hayride, and then the kids got to feed sheep, goats, & a llama. All 4 of the kids were surprisingly good & calm while on the hayride (no tears or screaming!) -- as we buzzed in and out of the woods. Later, we went over to see the animals & got the chance to feed them. Anthony wasn't into feeding or getting too close to the animals (he sat back & watched), but all 3 girls got into feeding the animals-- they let the animals eat right out of their hands! Juliana & Micaela even "sampled" the feed... YUK! My mom said I should ditch the fruit snacks and get them some "feed" to snack on!

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Annie said...

Looks like so much fun!