Every baby has a story... (10/17/2007)

On Wednesday, October 17, the MARCH OF DIMES "Every Baby Has A Story" (Tour 2007) bus made one of it's first Nationwide stops in Trenton at Capital Health System @ Mercer hospital (where all 4 of my "babies" were born). During it's stop, we had the opportunity to take part in this event. Along with our friends-- the Wilke family, other families touched/helped by the MOD, hospital staff, etc., we all gathered in the parking lot of the hospital to check out the tour bus, tell "our babies' story", mingle, and have photo & TV ops! The bus was amazing to see, it was great to see all of the "little faces" and families touched by the MOD all together, and like many of the families there-- Michael, the kids, & I were even caught on camera-- and yes, we all appeared later that night on TV (on the local channel-- WZBN) along with my friend, Ann, and her quads. Did you get a chance to see the broadcast? ;)

The March of Dimes is such a WONDERFUL organization! It's for ALL babies... those born healthy and those that need help to survive. The March of Dimes makes MANY miracles of all kind happen! Please check out their website --> http://everybabyhasastory.com/ ... and-- while there, please take a moment to read some of the amazing "baby stories" and/or create one of your own for a special little "miracle" in your life. **I have to get to work on that and add "the triplets' story" to the site, as well-- stay tuned for details on that! Via the website, you have the opportunity to donate to the MOD, as well. Thank you for your continued support of our family, the March of Dimes, and all families touched by this wonderful organization!

Every baby has a story... and I love sharing my babies' stories with you! enjoy...

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