Angelia's 1st pet! (5/2007)

While strolling the Boardwalk at Seaside, Aunt Sharon suggested that Angelia should play the "fish game" and try to win a fish! Very excited, Angelia started tossing the ping pong balls in hopes to win a fish and... she did! :) She was very excited and got to pick out the fish she wanted. On the 2nd time around of choosing, she picked out a pretty blue BETA fish with red trimmed fins-- she was thrilled. We asked her what she'd like to name him and jokingly, Aunt Sharon said, "How about Sushi?" On that note, she liked it and the name "Shushi" stuck... that is how she pronounces the word Sushi, so "Shushi" it is!
Our "new pet" survived the remainder of the walk on the boardwalk and the drive home from the Shore. We got him all set up in is bowl. For days, Angelia made sure she visited him... she would sit on the counter talking to him, singing to him, fed him when he needed to be fed, etc. It was very cute! (p.s. It's now Sept. '07 that I am posting this "post" and Shushi is STILL living!) :)

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