1st day of preschool! (9/11/07)

The BIG day finally arrived... Angelia's 1st day of 3 yr. old Preschool!! She was VERY excited about going! When we got there, she got to meet her teacher who seems very nice and then kissed me goodbye and off into the classroom she went, eager to start on this new adventure -- no tears (only smiles) from her, thank goodness! :) When I peeked in, I noticed she was on her own checking out her new surroundings, but soon after, she was over with the other kids. Yes-- I got a little teary-eyed leaving her for the 1st time at "school"... I was able to hold off until I got back into the car, though! UGH-- My "baby girl" was now off to Pre-school! Where did the years go?

When I returned to pick her up and she came out with a huge smile on her face and was full of excitement. She told me she had fun and rattled on about her day the whole way home! I thought this was funny--- when I asked her what she did & she was telling me, she made a side-bar comment that they "sang songs, but not the Hokey Pokey" and they "didn't make noodle necklaces" ... totally random thoughts, but in her mind, that is what was supposed to go on at Preschool. So-- hopefully one of the days she's there, they will do those things while at Preschool-- I'm sure she will be thrilled if they do happen. So far, so good and she's looking forward to going back again.

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