The BIG SISTER turns 2! (8/31/2006)

**August 31, 2006**
In the midst of the triplets growing and changing during their 1st year, Angelia turned 2 (we cannot belive it!)! She was very excited for her 2nd birthday... she wanted a BARNEY party! So, her wish was our command and a BARNEY party she had! BARNEY himself even showed up for the festivities! Angelia's face and the faces of the other children upon BARNEY's arrival was priceless. Angelia was a little "freaked out" by the big purple dinosaur for almost the entire time he was here, but toward the end of the party, she was OK. In additon to being freaked out & overwhelmed, she was probably shocked that BARNEY was in her house-- she had only seen him on TV before. But-- her party was a success and she was thrilled with all of the family & friends here with her and of course, all of her presents! She especially loved her mini Graco baby travel system from Aunt Stacey and her new "big girl" bike from Aunt Kelly & Uncle David.
On Angelia's actual birthday, Mommy & Daddy took Angelia and Savanna (her cousin) to the Garden State Discovery Museum and they had a BLAST!!!
p.s. Did you see the pic of Savanna & Angelia behind the wheel of the VW Bug? Imagine those 2 at 17!!! YIKES! :)

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